The Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira (FMUG) was established in 1975. The main philosophy was to serve the rural community of The Gezira area, which compromises the largest irrigated scheme in the Sudan. The school adopted a community oriented, community based, problem solving and integrated curriculum so as to achieve its main three objectives: student training, research and service. The student intake started in 1978. The graduation of the first batch was in 1983. Now the school is graduating the batch number 30 (2013) and has already taken batch number 35.

The EDC started together with the start of the school in 1978. At that time it has no physical space, but it was functioning mainly in the aspect of student self-learning and staff development through regular and formal training in medical education in addition to curriculum development, regular intensive faculty board meetings and educational materials development. In 1980 it was a section in the library with a medical photographic facilities added and it had a co-ordinator, Professor Mohamed Awadalla Salih. In 1987 it became the Medical Education and health manpower development centre and it had its first physical site. In 1993 it became the medical education development and research centre, and moved to a bigger building. In 1995 the EDC Gezira was considered a national center and was designated as a WHO collaborating centre in May 1996. In 1998 the EDC moved to a new building which include a theater, meeting room, library, self-learning areas, educational materials section, processing laboratory, studio, designing and binding, counter and information section and administrative offices.


The Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira has got strong links, through the EDC with many partners: Federal Ministry of Health , State Ministry of Health, WHO - EMR regoinal office, other medical schools in the Sudan, other faculties in the University of Gezira, international health regoinal institutes, the (TUFH) Network: Towards Unity For Health; community partnership for health through innovative medical education, research and service, EDC University of Khartoum and Ahfad University for Woman.

The number of faculties with interest in innovative medical education is increasing. At the time being there are 40 medical schools in the Sudan. Most of them adopted the strategies of FMUG. New ideas and opinions came up due to increased awareness in medical education. There is increasing number of students due to the increase in these schools intake every year. Decentralization of health institution as well as health services is now well established in the Sudan, and hence there is extra need for strong partnerships between education, health services and the community. The Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira continues to be a successful model .

About Center - Goals

(1) Maintaining and strengthening of the innovative programme of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira.
(2) Innovation and development of medical and health professions education programmes and improvement of the overall quality of education.
(3) Training and continuous development of teaching staff of the Medical and Health Professions Faculties in the country and abroad.
(4) Qualification of Health Professionals experts and specialists capable of leading innovation in Health Professions Education (HPE) and COME.
(5) Promotion and development of methods and technologies in Health Professions scientific research, documentation and publication.
(6) Promotion and spreading the culture and concept of innovative Medical and Health Professions Education.
(7) Consultation, advisory and support on the work area\field of the center locally, regionally and internationally.
(8) Establishment of the basis of professionalism activation and support of inter-professional training and education and team approach.
(9) Directing Medical and Health Professions Education to service the community in health in response to the social accountability.
(10) Strengthening the existing links and creation of new links with related sectors in the university and similar centers locally, regionally and internationally. Collaborations with international institutes that are concerned with education and research in Medical and Health Professions.

Administration Structure

University of Gezira Faculty of Medicine
Education Development & Research Center

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Address & contact

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Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira
PO Box:20, Wad Medani, Sudan
Telephone:00249 511 853649
Telephone:00249 925109052
Email: edc@uofg.edu.sd
Email: Wailnuri2000@yahoo.co.uk
Website: http://uofg.edu.sd/edcuofg